• Our client had just completed a large acquisition and needed to develop a strategic plan for consolidating legal departments and redefine its overall structure. MWAccel worked with senior legal leaders to develop a strategy with respect to resource integration, team structures, employee titles and a support model for the business. This exercise enabled the client to address important issues quickly while maintaining effective operations to support the line of business.
  • As the business it supported was going through significant change, our client contacts in the legal department engaged with MWAccel to consider and prioritize potential changes across a number of functional areas: enhancing the legal department’s strategic focus; benchmarking approaches for designing a global team; assessing new tools for law firm/cost management; and new internal client engagement approaches. MWAccel remained engaged with the client over an extended period of time to help the legal department successfully address these priorities as they arose.
  • Sensing it was time to re-assess its legal operations capabilities, a client’s new head of legal operations worked with MWAccel to evaluate the department’s capabilities in several core areas of competency, benchmark against what other legal departments in the industry were doing and develop a playbook for addressing the client’s highest priority gaps. MWAccel helped the client quickly create its go-forward plan, focusing on its highest priorities first, while successfully managing its limited resource capacity.
  • Various clients have engaged MWAccel to help them strategize with respect to various aspects of their technology stack, from benchmarking tools most commonly used for their needs (e.g., document comparison tools, contract lifecycle management, document management, etc.) to upfront considerations such as process and/or people review prior to deciding on technology solutions.